Pan Ni Coco Bakery in Calamba Misamis Occidental is the only producer of traditional local bread known as "sopas".

The owner believes that this traditional bread is formed by a heft of experiences through time and age. Pan ni Coco also believes that this traditional bread is an expression of culture that needs to be preserved.

The firm was established in 2013 named after the owner's son "coco". with the increasing market demand for their product, Mr. Marc D. Pacapac and his wife Mrs. Innocelyn D. Pacapac availed the DOST SETUP assistance for the upgrading of their Dough Roller, Spiral Mixer and Installation of a GMP compliant Stainless Production Table.

Mrs. Pacapac, manager of Pan Ni Coco Bakery was one of the participants in the recently concluded SETUP Proponent's meeting at SEARSOLIN, Cagayan de Oro City with an aim to move forward to innovation.

While the S&T related equipment already installed and operating, Pan Ni Coco is now in the new horizon of perceiving S&T support as the very tool to cope the fast-changing pace in the business environment while sustaining its business tagline "Bringing back the old aged bread. (Rogelyn C. Calago, DOST-X)