The Department of Science and Technology regional offices in Mindanao held its third Science and Technology Innovation (STI) Hub Cluster meeting last April 11, 2018, at the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines, Cagayan de Oro City. With the theme “ONE Island, ONE Science”, the meeting specified on the Design Engineering & Equipment Development category, which is currently lead by DOST-X Regional Director, Alfonso P. Alamban.

Among the proposals presented was the Automation of Water Retort in FIC, of which the STI Hub Mindanao Cluster Head, Dr. Anthony C. Sales of DOST-XI found interesting and of great value. Dr. Sales suggested that the proposal should dig more into the economic potential of the technology by citing the number of canneries in the country.

Also presented was the Compressed Stabilized Earth Block Maker for Pulangi Reservoir which was already tested for compression and durability. The proposal gained suggestions to do further research on its competitive aspects compared to the commercialized bricks. Other presented proposals were the Design Engineering Center Nicer, Agro-Food Industries, Knowledge Management Portal for the STI Clusters of Mindanao, Green Mustard Manuring Machine and Networks for Resilient Watersheds.

According to the National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines (NAST PHL), “The STI hubs are envisioned to provide an innovation ecosystem conducive to creativity and the participants of different stakeholders in translating innovations to actions.” The hubs will help inventors fulfill their prototyped ideas into reality inventions as it will be an avenue of resources for them.

With the meeting done and proposals presented, it is expected that the building of STI hubs in Mindanao, specifically in region 10 will go fast paced. (Julie Anne H. Baculio, DOST-X)