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Ms. Nice Nerjay C. Delada, Project Assistant II of DOST Camiguin, discusses the nature of the project and MOA details to LGU-Sagay Mayor Uayan and staff during the Ceremonial Project Fund Turnover

About 2,875 households in Sagay, Camiguin will benefit from the Science and Technology Academic Research-Based Openly-Operated KioskS (STARBOOKS) powered by Solar Photovoltaic System through the DOST Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) Program.

DOST-Camiguin turned over a project fund of Php 1,070,100.00 to the Local Government Unit of Sagay for the provision of STARBOOKS and printed multimedia materials last January 2022. The project aims to promote a Science and Technology culture and disaster resiliency in the municipality.

Currently, given the fund's availability, the LGU is now working on the acquisition of a Solar Photovoltaic System, solar street lights, and a 65-inch Smart TV.

STARBOOKS is a stand-alone information source designed to reach those with limited or no access to S&T information resources. Aside from science and math resources, the kiosk also contains livelihood videos and documentation that will aid households seeking knowledge in either starting up businesses or seeking product innovations.

Given that the municipality often experiences inconsistent power supply, the solar system will ensure power source to the kiosk, evacuation center, and street lights located at the Sagay Public Park.

Both the solar-powered STARBOOKS and the 65-inch Smart TV will be installed in the Sagay Evacuation Center as information sources for the evacuees during calamities. The center will also serve as an S&T Information Kiosk where various reading materials will be available in printed forms.

"We experienced first-hand the lack of both information and power supply in our evacuation center during Typhoon Odette. It was difficult to gather information as we do not have any source of electricity and we do not have the tools for information sources. This project will surely help the whole of Sagay in times of disaster," said Sagay Municipal Mayor Joseph G. Uayan. (Nice Nerjay Delada, DOST-Camiguin)