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DOST project fund turn-over to LGU-Kinoguitan officials

The Department of Science and Technology-Misamis Oriental partnered with the Local Government Unit of Kinoguitan for a project on improving the health and nutritional status of children, pregnant, and lactating women in the municipality.

Through DOST's Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) program, the agency turned over project funds amounting to Php 438,809.40 to the LGU. This fund is for the procurement of DOST-Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI)-developed food technologies to alleviate malnutrition in the area.

Thirty-Seven malnourished children aging six to 59 months old, 84 pregnant women, and 110 lactating mothers will receive the food technologies for a specified number of days.

Children with ages six to 23 months will consume BIGMO Rice-Mongo Sesame Blend for 120 days, while children 24-59 months old will receive BIGMO Rice-Mongo Curls for 30 days and Enhanced Nutribuns for 60 days.

To alleviate malnutrition, premature, low birth weight, and maternal death due to Iron-deficiency Anemia (IDA), each pregnant and lactating woman will receive 15 kilograms of Iron-Fortified Rice for a span of 90 days.

Prior to the supplementary feeding, the Barangay Nutrition Scholars and the parents/guardians of the malnourished children will undergo DOST PINOY (Package for the Improvement of Nutrition of Young Children) training which comprises nutrition interventions for a span of three days. The training includes modules on essential nutrition, breastfeeding, supplementary feeding, meal planning, safe food handling, and preparation, and backyard gardening. (Julie Ann Badilla, DOST-Misamis Oriental)

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