Entrepreneurs follow their own path. The rise to entrepreneurial success can be a long, slow and painful process, but others can be remarkably satisfying when attained. For others, making business may just seem to magically fall into place.

Success in business is not a result of magic, however, but is the sure sign of an entrepreneur who understands the significance of learning from, adapting to and growing with their company. It is best when there is freedom, independence, control and continuous support of the member of the family.

 Carl James Enterprise is a family owned business started by the couple Nicolas and Rosemarie Veronilla. The couple started their Nata de coco products in 1998 with a P120,000 initial capital 1998 in order to have another source of income for his growing family.

In 1999 when Carl James Enterprise was able to get an accreditation as one the qualified suppliers of Nata de Coco for Del Monte Philippines Inc. in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro It was a turning point for the business. With just two years of operation, the business already established a stable market.

The volume of production for Nata de coco is based on the demand from Del Monte which gradually increases every year. The business started producing nata de coco with only 11,190 kilograms on its second year of operation.

Given the quality of Nata de coco products, the company received a tremendous demand from Del Monte Philippines. The practice of manual cleaning of the molding trays, however, results to breakage of the trays every cleaning. It creates a tailback among its workers who will replace broken molding trays. In average, there are 3-5 broken molding trays every batch of production. The proponent also had problems with mixing of ingredients. The proponent only used drum ladle in mixing the ingredients. Proper mixing procedures are important to maintain the quality and to avoid direct human contact.

Mr. Veronilla decided to avail of the assistance from the DOST-SETUP after realizing that technological development should be a constant search for them to produce and serve its market.

With the Department of Science and Technology- Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (DOST-SETUP) intervention, the company’s quest for technological development came to reality. The company obtained the assistance on the year 2013. amounting to P 600,000. With the 600 K SETUP assistance from DOST, the company established a racking system in the production area, has acquired Molding Tray Washing Machine, Mixers and Molding Trays. After the harvest, the trays are then washed and cleaned using the new washing machine. The equipment are needed to respond the necessity to create and produced quality Nata de Coco products for the consumers.

With SETUP, Carl James Enterprise was able to ascend one more goal in technological progression. The acquisition of the machines brought 33% increase to its sales that reached to Php 3,628,230 in 2014 from P1,488,998.00 in 2011. The company was also able to employ additional 12 workers providing employment opportunity to the locality.

SETUP has allowed entrepreneurs such Carl James Enterprise to accelerate and grow by offering new technological advancement. SETUP is an opportunity that fitted to the company’s ambition. It allowed accelerating the growth of a business, and as a result, Carl James reaps the rewards it deserves.#