Bukidnon’s Best Delicacy Producer

Bukidnon is considered to be the food basket of Mindanao.  It is the major producer of rice, corn, bananas, sugarcane and pineapple.  Almost all large corporate firms operating in the province are into production or processing of these agricultural products.


A couple, Richard and Golda Lim who lives in Malaybalay City were employees of the one of the famous firm operating in the province.  They left the company for a desire to start a business of their own. They started as a sidewalk vendor of Filipino delicacies and cakes and distribute their products to some food outlets.   They got a big break when they won the Malaybalay City Best Delicacy contest in 2008 for their product named Piñasitas, a pastry with pineapple filling. The product won again in the province wide contest of Bukidnon Best Delicacy in 2008.  The company has joined local and regional fairs and Piñasitas gained attention not only in the region but in some parts of the Philippines as well. It is even made as pasalubong by Filipinos going abroad.

As Cakeboom and Party Flavors grew, the owner’s objective shift to not just earning a living but its helping its workers sustained their source of income and employment. In 2009, Cakeboom has developed a new line of healthy pasalubong product that would meet consumer demand for a healthy and nutritious food. The product is named as Piñakasi in which the name was derived from Piña as visayan term for pineapple and kasi which was a short term for Kalamunggay and Squash.   With growing consumer recognition of the product line, Piñasitas and Piñakasi is continually increasing and the company can only provide a limited volume to some of its customers.


With the aim to produce quality products and cope up with the increasing demand, in 2012 the couple sought DOST’s intervention through the upgrading of the production equipment such as cooker mixers and continuous band sealer for packaging.  Food safety handling protocol training was also given as intervention for the firm’s staff and employees side from the owner.


Before SETUP assistance, Cakeboom operates through manual processing using mostly non-food grade equipment.  SETUP’s S & T interventions now allows Cakeboom to produce quality, competitive, affordable and healthy “pineapple-based pasalubong” food products.  It has increased productivity by 52%.


“We are very thankful to the assistance shared by DOST through the Provincial S&T Center (PSTC) in Bukidnon.  We become very efficient in producing quality products highlighting our very own product which is pineapple,” said Ms. Golda Mae Lim, owner and manager of Cakeboom.


At present, Cakeboom is now establishing a name to bring pride for Bukidnon in the food processing industry.  It has expanded its outlets in Malaybalay City from 1 to 2 outlets.