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DOST-X check turn over LGU-Magsaysay

To initiate steps in developing a disaster-ready and equipped municipality, the Department of Science and Technology-Misamis Oriental turned over project funds amounting to Php 765,719.40 to the Local Government Unit of Magsaysay on July 27, 2022.

The project aims to capacitate and train identified personnel from LGU-Magsaysay in mapping and data analysis through an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology - commonly known as a drone.

The project focuses on specifically using the UAV technology in mapping for disaster management and response, search and rescue, planning, and personnel training on hazard-prone and affected areas in the municipality.

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DOST project fund turn-over to LGU-Kinoguitan officials

The Department of Science and Technology-Misamis Oriental partnered with the Local Government Unit of Kinoguitan for a project on improving the health and nutritional status of children, pregnant, and lactating women in the municipality.

Through DOST's Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) program, the agency turned over project funds amounting to Php 438,809.40 to the LGU. This fund is for the procurement of DOST-Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI)-developed food technologies to alleviate malnutrition in the area.

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Iron-Fortified Rice final product after the blending process

According to DOST-Food and Nutrition Research Institute’s (FNRI) Seventh National Nutrition Survey (7th NNS) in 2008, Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) is still prevalent among four out of 10 and three out of 10 pregnant and lactating women, respectively. Further, according to the survey, IDA also affects two out of 10 children 6months to 5 years old, as well as the six to 12-year-olds. In addition, one out of ten 13- to 19-year-old teens are likewise affected.

With this underlying issue, DOST-FNRI developed the Iron-Fortified Rice (IFR) and Iron Rice Premix (IRP) technologies to help address iron deficiency anemia in the country. Fortifying rice with iron is a strategic nutrition intervention in helping address IDA, because rice is the staple food of most Filipinos.

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Beneficiaries from Sitio Kibuda and Maliwanag of Barangay Kibangay together with Municipal Health Office and DOST-Bukidnon

Thirty-Six households in Sitio Kibuda and Maliwanag, Kibangay, Lantapan, Bukidnon will now have access to potable water through the utilization of the Ceramic Water Filter. This is under the Community Empowerment Through Science and Technology (CEST) Program.

This is anticipated to reduce 50% of waterborne-related cases in the area.

The Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology designed and manufactured the hydria ceramic water filter technology to decrease waterborne diseases as it filters the bacteria and sediments in water.

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Check turnover of project funds to LGU-Catarman

The Department of Science and Technology-Camiguin turned over project funds to the Local Government Unit of Catarman, Camiguin to alleviate malnutrition in the community on July 28, 2022, during the municipality's 48th Nutrition Month Culmination.

The funding is under DOST's Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) program to improve the nutritional status by 50% among children in 14 identified barangays in Catarman. These barangays are the following: Bonbon, Catibac, Lawigan, Bura, Panghiawan, Mainit, Compol, Liloan, Poblacion, Sto. Niño, Looc, Manduao, Alga, and Tangaro.

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