The Department of Science and Technology through the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) which was tasked to implement Republic Act No. 7459, also known as “Inventors and Invention Incentives Act of the Philippines” has been providing assistance to inventors since the promulgation of the Act in 1992.

In support to Presidential Promotion Nos. 355 dated January 6, 1989 and 285 dated October 22, 1993, DOST thru TAPI conducts the invention contest to give recognition of the indispensability of the Filipino inventors. The invention contest is meant to give recognition to the hard work and efforts of the inventors, researchers and students. Moreover, it gives encouragement to use their inventive capability by competing for cash rewards and recognitions in both local and international scene.

As mandated by RA 7459, the invention contest is a completion open for both public and private inventors, researchers and students. The pre-screening and the selection of the finalists for the invention contest were done on the national level. TAPI’s experience showed that the active promotion of the contest nationwide was not enough to encourage more participants from the regions. Investors, researchers and students from the regions called for the holding of the screening phase at places near them due to proximity and cost of participation in the invention contest. In response, TAPI, in cooperation with the DOST Regional Offices, conducted the Regional Cluster Invention Contest in 2009 and 2010. Positive results were noted in the conclusion of these five (5) regional cluster invention contests. Later, regional participation of the inventors, researchers and students was increased and the selection process was further improved by holding the qualifying round at the regional level in 2011 and 2013.

In view of this, TAPI request assistance of the DOST Regional Office for the conduct of the Regional Invention Contests and Exhibits on their respective regions. This biennials regional invention contest provides a venue to sustain the generation of economically viable technologies and inventions and hasten the commercialization of inventor-generated technologies. Also, RICE serves as venue to promote various opportunities offered by TAPI thru its program of assistance to investors such as IPR, Testing, Pilot and Prototype assistance programs. The regional winners will be competing in a higher level during the National Invention Contest and Exhibits (NICE).


There are six (6) categories where talented and creative Filipinos can compete: (1) The Outstanding Invention or Tuklas Award, (2) The Oustanding Utility Model, (3) The Outstanding Industrial Design, (4) The Outstanding Creative Research or Likha Award, (5) The Outstanding Student Creative Research or Sibol Award for High School and (6) College students.


The three (3) regional winners shall be selected per category. In case of tie, the Board of Judges shall break the tie and declare only 3 regional winners. The first prize regional winner on each category shall be automatically the national qualifier cum Finalists for the National Invention Contest.


All regional winners shall receive a cash incentive and certificate of recognition during the Awarding and Closing Ceremonies of the regional invention contest.