Request for Quotation on the Provision of Trainers on Core Development Sessions

Number of Trainees: 44 pax
Duration: May 4 - June 17, 2021
Session: 2 X a week; Tuesdays & Thursdays (2PM-5PM)

Responsibilities/Roles include:
- preparation of training materials
- develop assignments to reinforce learnings
- recruitment and engaging of trainers, speakers and resource person
- conduct the training for Regional Office Trainers
- act as mentors during the pitching of business concepts
- mentor project beneficiaries

Phase 1 Capability Modules to develop includes:
1. Values and Formation
2. Business Concept Development
3. Business Model Canvas
4. Busines Model Canvas Presentation
5. Business Law and Taxation
6. Supply and Value Chain Management
7. Product Costing and Pricing
8. Updated BMC Presentation with Business Plan
9. Marketing and E-Commerce
10. Operations Management
11. Organizational Management and Labor Laws
12. Financial Management and Information Technology
13. Business Pitching
14. Online Examination